What is fish outta water?

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Originally from a small town outside the historic city of Boston, I grew up having a passion for history and the art of storytelling. At a young age I began creating my own worlds through creative outlets like drawing, writing, painting and other forms of art. This led to me picking up the camera in high school, pursuing my film passion in college down in New York and now to embarking on a career producing video content.

I have a wealth of experience in creating content, specifically marketing content; and I currently work for CDM Smith which is a local civil engineering firm. I create branded content for our website as a producer/editor and get to highlight some of the amazing work we do across the country. Prior to my current position I was  producing internal creative content for an advertising agency called IPG Mediabrands. My responsibilities included editing, producing and directing video content; such as internal human resource communications, branded client content and branded new business content.

I one day hope to create and run my own production house, calling it Fish Outta Water Productions, as an homage to my family's name and the terrible accents I grew up around.


Fun Facts

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I used to live just outside New York City for 5 years, specifically in Long Island, Brooklyn and Union City.

I'm a huge animal lover and have my own Shetland Sheepdog/Australian Shepherd mix named Riley.

Along with being a self described nerd, I'm also a huge sports fan. 

I once spent a week in Las Vegas working the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

I've climbed to the top of Mt. Vesuvius. 

That last fact is not as impressive as it sounds, It was more like a brisk walk on an incline but was still pretty cool.



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  • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro) 

  • Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator)

  • Photo Editing (Photoshop) 

  • Camera Operator (DSLR, Digital Cinema Cameras)

  • Pre-Production duties (Scheduling, Budgeting, Writing)

  • Excellent Communication Skills


My Interests & Hobbies

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  • Videography

  • Photography

  • Drone Piloting  

  • Reading  

  • Writing

  • TV, Movies, Video Games

  • Technology & Gadgets

  • Hiking